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भविष्यमा राम्रो जागिर पाउनको लागि यी सिपहरु निखार्नुस

With the pace in which this world is getting more advanced day by day, with all these technological advances, rising industries, evolving and crashing, globalization interconnecting us all, how do we ensure ourselves that we get the best, out of this competitive world? How can we make us better than the other so that we outrun them? Are the schools and colleges teaching us everything we need to be able to stand out?

So it's important to build these following skills if we are to get good jobs and build a stable career in the future:

1. Interpersonal skills:

These skills are related with the ability to interact with different people. Satisfaction from the customers and clients, meeting their expectations, negotiating ability, decision making, managing time efficiently come with being good at this skill.

2. Communication skills:

Communication is to be able to communicate both verbally and in writing. Being able to communicate with a lot of people, maintaining eye contact, writing clearly, tailoring your language to the audience is needed if you have to be good in this skill.

Not only written and spoken but listening is also a part of good communication skill leading to fewer mistakes and greater understanding of things.

3. Critical thinking skills:

Being able to solve problems and make decisions can be great asset to your employer, so you need to build this skill to be favorable to any jobs. These skills require the capability to gather, evaluate and make the best decision from the available alternative.

4. Personal Development:

Having the right attitude towards work, organization and towards all people with whom you co-operate with is one of the basic required skill. The employee who is keen to develop and learn and good in adapting the changes and acting accordingly is the one who best fits for any job.

5. Presentation skills:

In whatever position you are, in some point you have to present your ideas, your findings to your work colleagues or stakeholders. Presentation does not mean to present by making the formal presentation, it can be presented using notes or reports or business plans or any others ways but your information needs to be made clear to the one whom you are presenting to.

6. Leadership:

Being able to influence and motivate others towards the goal is leadership. Being able to make the most out of people by supporting their opinions, ideas and thoughts and gaining respect by them, being able to lead people and handle pressures in efficient way is what leader does.

7. Numeracy (Number skills):

Understanding the numerical data, statistics, and graphs is required while making decisions and reasoning so you need to have a good numerical skill. To understand the company’s position, profitability, sales position, in many such similar tasks you need to be able to deal with numbers confidently. Being able to understand and analyse data in different formats is considered as essential skill in many organizations.

8. IT skills:

Last but not the least, being good in computer skills and having basic IT skills is always an additional advantage to you skills. You always need to have at least basic knowledge about the information technology such as sending and receiving emails, using internet effectively, using word processor and spreadsheet software and so on.