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कुन महत्वपूर्ण : शिक्षा कि अनुभव ?

Success. The word, wait not only a word but a need, an addiction, that drives every individual to something, something they wish to acquire, something where they put an effort to the fullest, something that would bring the change they want and ultimately something that would make them successful. Many people in this world have gained the height of success and been known to the world but it is always a matter of curiosity about how they have reached in the position they are today.

Now this curiosity comes from the most successful person in this world, some of who have proved themselves with their knowledge and intelligence gained from proper educational background whereas some of them have built theirs on their own. People have become successful with the knowledge acquired form some educational organization which we are denoting as Education and those who have gained success on their own will and effort is been termed as Experience in this particular article.

There has always been a battle between these two topics; Experience and Education. But who is the one that decides which one is more powerful than the other? Can we find anything that help exceed the power of the other? There are so many examples that prove the strength of these two weapons that can always win the argument on one another.

Let’s add some opinion form some experts who have been working in the similar field relating to career building:

“Experience is more important. A person with low grades who can sell 100 pieces of product is better than a person with higher grade who can only sell 5 pieces of product.”

                                                                                                                                -Rajan Rawal

                      Marketing and Communication Officer (


“Education is important because without it in the first place, a person cannot get the access to any job to gain experience. A person cannot gain experience without having prior knowledge to that field.”

                                                                                                -Sandesh Bhandari  Managing Director(


But the fact is, they both need to go in parallel with each other to continue the flow. Let’s take an example, if a person has to get a job, the first and basic requirement ought to be his qualification then after it’s an experience. If he has no qualification he can neither get the job nor gain experience of the particular job. His eligibility here is based on his qualification. So education is the only tool to help the experience to get its way. While talking from the other perspective, we all have been to school or colleges and have learnt so many theories or philosophies or subjects. And have we ever noticed how those all came from. Those were from experiences. When a teacher gives example on certain topic, the example is the result of experience. So here again experience has helped the education to grow.

So, more than a battle, it seems like a teamwork of the two that would ultimately lead anyone to success if acquired properly. People have been the example of success today is because they have knowledge of balancing the experience and education together rather than separating the two into different terms.