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Mothers day celebration facts in Nepal | माता तिर्थ औंसीका केही सामान्य तथ्यहरु !!

In Nepal, Mother’s Day is celebrated in a much special way compared to other nations. Mother’s day is often called “matatirtha ausi”. The derivative of names comes from two Sanskrit words “mata” which means mother and “tirtha” which means sacred places. The occasion itself holds a special value to all the Nepalese.

Mother’s day is often termed as ‘Aama ko Mukh herne Din’ in Nepal, where children of almost entire families out here, treat their mother in a very special way by presenting her with something special and various gifts. They celebrate it as a big occasion that comes unlike any other occasions throughout the year.

Most countries around the world are marking Mother’s Day a special one, which is a way to thank mothers for their unconditional love. The value that a mother holds in a family is far beyond anything. And thus to enlighten this feeling and vibe that a mother has to share, this occasion is celebrated.

This day is celebrated in the month of Baisakh (Nepali Calender’s 1st month) on New Moon Day. People who lost their mother might find it difficult when this day comes around thus, they often visit “Mata Tirtha temple” in memory of their mothers and do some sort of worships or adoration.

Considering how the world is moving forward phenomenally and competition all over, people are busy finding a space for their families, friends, and their parents because of the work they do. These kinds of occasion bring in a perfect time for families to be together.

Since, the world at the moment is locked down considering the COVID-19 effect; it is likely to witness more people celebrating this occasion than any other times. We also witness a trend where most of the people upload pictures and special quotes on their Social Medias of their mothers, showing what value they have bought in and how they have completely enlighten the life of their children.


“Happy mothers day”