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How to keep busy and acquire new skills during lockdown? Here are some links to where you can find E-learning course.

As we all face exceptional times and get used to lockdown, several people are looking for ways to come out the other end of this circumstances with new skills. Others are looking at how they can keep eventful during this time. If you have been thinking of online learning for acquiring new skills and ideas, now is the time to sign up.

While affected workers will consequently have more free time on their hands, activities are also inadequately limited to the confines of your houses due to widespread lockdown actions during the pandemic. 

Keeping you inspired and finding new ways to learn crucial skills can make the ultimate return to work smoother or open doors to new opportunity in the future.

We have been witnessing lots of people engaging online during this lockdown. The ones who truly understand the value of time are thus involving themselves into something meaningful learning. There are various skills that you could acquire during this moment. There are hundreds of sites and sources for the reference. There are some who also provides some free learning courses with certification which can add value to your portfolio and career.

Here are few sites which could help you with online learning with variety of courses:

  1. Udemy:
  2. Coursera:
  3. Open Culture Online Courses:
  4. Academic Earth:
  5. eDX:
  6. Alison: