Life Project 4 Youth


About Us

Life Project 4 Youth Alliance is a federation of 19 organizations in 13 countries whose mission is the development of innovative solutions for the professional and social inclusion of young people (17-24 yo) from extreme poverty and victims of exclusion. 

LP4Y supports the decent inclusion of thousands of young people and their families in 41 programs, 20 Life Project Centers, 4 Little Angel Academies, 3 Green Villages, 4 Youth hostels, 2 LP4Y Labs in South East Asia, South Asia, Middle East, Europe, and America.


Basic Information

  • No. of Openings 1
  • Job Category Non-Profit Organization
  • Job Location Kathmandu
  • Job Level Mid Level
  • Salary 200 euros in local currency
  • Education Level None
  • Experience Year requirement 1 year
  • Expiry date 2021-01-15

Job Description

Work details

Trained in pedagogy and LP4Y tools, the coach will participate in the coaching with a group of up to 20 Youth. He/she will develop his/her skills with 4 main missions:

  1. Organization and management (project management)
  2. Pedagogy and accompaniment of the Youth (training and transversal management)
  3. Development of micro-activities (social entrepreneurship)
  4. Partnership development (communication and strategy) 

Key functions



Organization and management (project management)

  • Coordinate the development of your program across all of its aspects (human resources, organization, activities, pedagogy, partnership, etc.) with the help of LP4Y Asia support and management.

Pedagogy and accompaniment of the Youth (training and transversal management)

  • Show exemplary behavior, be a model of professionalism, safety and ecological consciousness to inspire the Youth
  • Develop guidance on personality development and regular follow up on the youth.
  • You are the leader in the training and support of these young people following an educational course prepared on the different dimensions of the Life Project plan of each young person.
  • Help them develop their life plan.

Development of a microeconomic activity (social entrepreneurship)

  • You ensure the creation, the development of the economic activities of the program
  • Support them in the development of economic activities as a team, by making them experience the different sides of entrepreneurship: creation, production, sale, management.

Partnership development (communication and strategy)

  • Identify the training needs of young adults and local partners.
  • Facilitate capacity-building activities to local partners in consultation with the concerned coordinator.
  • Attend capacity-building activities as directed.
  • Participate in the organization relations with internal and external partners of your green Villages: NGO partner, parish, close businesses, district, university,…

For this mission, the coach should be passionate about development and have a first field experience inside an organization or company. She/he will keep a positive, encouraging, and valorizing look on the Youth, keeping in mind the influence of the image of himself/herself she can reflect. She/he will develop his/her know how to be and his/her know-how in a multicultural context. She/he will transmit with humor and enthusiasm. She/he knows how to work in a team.

Job Specification

Monthly remuneration 

  • The volunteer will be paid: the equivalent of 200€/month in local currency
  • The final payment will be paid through check on the 25th of each month.
  • Will be taken in charge by LP4Y of your expenses if you need to travel as and when required for Project Purpose.
  • Housing is provided if needed.

Work Schedule:

  • Workdays: Monday to Friday based on 8 hours/day but need to be flexible on working hours
  • Rest Days Saturday and Sunday
  • On-call days Once a month the coach must be available on Saturday & Sunday
  • Holidays : 2 days / month + 8 days blank holidays

The Coach agrees that during the term of his/her work, he/she shall not engage in any other trade business or occupation. 

Apply Instruction

To apply, please send your resume and cover letter in English at: